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Visa and Work permit for Lebanon

Dealing with Lebanese ministries and officials about your papers and legal status can be both extremely frustrating and super easy at the same time. At first glance, it might seem to be a lot of different rules and regulations, which change depending on who you are talking to and if he had his coffee that morning or not. From time to time there will also be the "political problem" of a non-existing or non functioning government to deal with, since without a government no decisions can be made.

On the bright side of all this, you have the fact that in Lebanon impossible things can become possible. The way to fix matters are often depending more on your personal contacts and way of dealing with things than actual money bribes.

Types of visas

Except for a residency visa, there are different types of visas in Lebanon:

Tourism, Transit, Courtesy visa (VIP and diplomats)

Collective (for group travels)




Tourist visa

Most European and American (both North and South) citizens (see list below) will be granted a one month tourist visa upon their arrival at the border of Lebanon. This visa is renewable for another two months (maximum total stay not exceeding three months). In order to obtain your extra two months you have to apply at the General Security in Lebanon, which requires a copy of your passport and two recent passport photos. The two month extension is free of charge. After your three months is up you have to leave Lebanon before being able to get another three months.

Countries eligible for 1 month Tourist visa:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway, United States of America, Canada, Australia, Andorra, Japan, South Korea, Cyprus, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, Malta, Iceland, Chile, Brazil, Argentine, Venezuela, Mexico, China, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Singapore, Liechtenstein.

Citizens of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries), as well as their families, servants and drivers are given a three month renewable visa.

If you are not a citizen of the above countries you should contact the Lebanese embassy in your country to apply for a visa before your depart.

A holder of an Israeli passport or passport containing an Israeli visa will be denied entry.

Please note that if you overstay your three months you will be denied exit at the borders unless you have applied and obtained an exit visa at the General Security before trying to leave at the border.

If you are staying in Lebanon on a tourist visa you cannot work. If the authorities find out that you are working illegally - you will be deported.


If you are traveling in a group consisting of a minimum of eight people you are eligible to apply for a collective/group tourist visa. The application has to be made by the travel agency organizing your trip.


If you are either a student, married to a Lebanese citizen (for more than a year), have a work permit or a lot of money in the bank you are eligible to apply for a temporary (one year) or permanent (three years) residency.

Work permit

To obtain a work permit your employer need to present your application to the General Security. Before doing so he or she needs to get a pre-approval from the Labor Ministry.

The rules for obtaining a work permit differ a bit depending on the type of work you intend to do. The official rule is just like in many other countries - that the employer has to prove that the work cannot be done by a Lebanese person. In reality this rule is bypassed very often and if you have your papers in order and pay the fee you will probably get the permit.

If you obtain a work permit, you can apply for a temporary residency at the General Security within three months of your arrival to Lebanon. A person eligible for residency may also apply for the same type of residency for their spouse, children and "servants and drivers" (as stated in the General Security's official documents.) Your spouse does not have the right to work in Lebanon on your work permit

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